Important scientists and inventors - topics of interest beginning with T

These are lists of the topics covered in the lists of scientists and inventors, with some cross-referencing.

 tau lepton  Perl
 T-cells  Doherty, Zinkernagel


 Morse, Wheatstone

 telephone  Bell



 television  Baird,  Nipkow
 telomerase  Blackburn, Szostak
 telomere  Blackburn, Cech, Greider, Szostak
 temperature gradients  Onsager
 tetanus  Behring

 tetra-ethyl lead


 thallium  Crookes
 thermal neutrons  Alvarez
 thermionic emission  Richardson
 thermochemistry  Hess


 Gibbs, Joule, Nernst, Thompson

 thermoelectric effect

 Hall, Seebeck

 thorium  Berzelius
 thyroid gland  Kocher
 topology  Thom

 Trade winds


 transcription  Jacob, Kornberg, Lwoff, Monod
 transduction  Lederberg
 transfer RNA  Altman, Cech, Holley, Khorana, Nirenberg
 transition metal  Werner, Wilkinson
 transistor  Bardeen, Brattain, Shockley
 transplant rejection  Medawar
 transuranium elements  McMillan, Seaborg
 TRH  Guillemin, Schally







 tritium  Oliphant
 trypanosomes  Laveran




 Koch, Behring



 typeface printing




 typhus  Nicolle