Important scientists and inventors - topics of interest beginning with M

These are lists of the topics covered in the lists of scientists and inventors, with some cross-referencing.

 macadamized road surface


 Mach number


 macromolecules  Flory, Tanaka
 magnetism  Alfven, Nel
 magnetohydrodynamics  Alfven
 malaria  Ross

 Manhattan project


 Mariana Trench



 Basov, Prokhorov, Townes

 Mason-Dixon Line

 Dixon, Mason

 mass spectrometer

 Aston, Fenn, Tanaka, Thomson

 mathematical analysis


 mathematical tables


 mathematical theorems  Wigner
 mechanical work  Hill



 Megalosaurus  Buckland
 mental disease  Wagner-Jauregg

 Mercator projection


 mercury barometer




 Messier objects

 le Gentil

 metal complexes  Taube
 Meteor Crater  Barringer
 methodology  Bacon
 MHC antigen  Benacerraf, Dausset, Doherty, Snell, Zinkernagel


 van Leeuwenhoek

 microchip  Kilby


 Hartsoeker, van Leeuwenhoek, Zeiss

 Miller-Urey experiment  Miller, Urey



 miner's safety lamp


 mobile phone  Cooper

 molecular biology


 molecular orbital theory  Fukui, Hoffmann, Mulliken
 molecular theory  Avogadro, Perrin



 monoclonal antibodies  Jerne, Khler, Milstein

 Morse code


 Moseley's Law


 Mssbauer effect  Mssbauer

 motion-picture camera


 motorised aircraft


 MRI  Ernst, Lauterbur, Mansfield
 multiwire proportional chamber  Charpak
 muon  Anderson, Lederman, Schwartz, Steinberger
 mutation  Delbruck, Hershey, Luria
 muscle  Hill, Meyerhof
 mutagenesis  Muller
 myxomatosis  Fenner