Important scientists and inventors - topics of interest beginning with I

These are lists of the topics covered in the lists of scientists and inventors, with some cross-referencing.

 ice ages  Agassiz, Milankovitch
 ichthyosaur  Anning

 igneous rocks




 immune tolerance  Burnet
 immunogenetics  Tonegawa


 Bordet, Burnet, Doherty, Jenner, Mechnikov, Zinkernagel

 indigo dye  Baeyer
 INDO  Pople

 induced radioactivity


 induction motor


 infectious diseases  Blumberg

 inflationary universe theory


 information technology  Nelson



 inheritance of acquired characteristics


 inner ear  Barany, von Bksy
 insecticide  Mller
 insulin  Banting, Best, Macleod, Sanger
 integrated circuit  Kilby
 interference (light)  Lippmann
 interferometry  Townes

 internal combustion engine

 Lenoir, Otto

 introns  Roberts, Sharp
 invar  Guillaume
 invariant theory  Hilbert



 ion trap  Dehmelt, Paul
 ion channels  Agre, MacKinnon
 ionosphere  Appleton
 IQ test  Binet
 irreversibility  Prigogine


 Soddy, Thomson