Important scientists and inventors - topics of interest beginning with C

These are listsof the topics covered in the lists of scientists and inventors, with some cross-referencing.

 cable laying


 Caenorhabditis elegans  Brenner, Horvitz, Sulston
 calculator handheld  Kilby


 von Leibniz



 Calvin cycle  Calvin
 cancer cells  Warburg
 canning process  Appert
 capillary regulation  Krogh
 car  Benz, Ford
 carbocations  Olah
 carbohydrate metabolism  Leloir, Macleod
 carbon dioxide  Black



 cardiac catheterization  Cournand, Forssmann, Richards
 carotenoids  Kuhn



 catalysis  Ostwald, Sabatier
 catalytic converter  Ertl
 catastrophe theory  Thom
 cathode rays  Lenard, Perrin
 cathode ray tube  Braun
 CCD sensor  Boyle, Smith
 cell biology  Kossel
 cell fractionation  Claude
 cell membrane  Agre, MacKinnon
 cell nucleus  Brown
 cell respiration  Warburg
 centigrade temperature scale  Celsius
 central nervous system  Cajal, Golgi

 centre of Earth


 cephalosporin  Woodward

 Cepheid variable


 ceramics  Bednorz, Mller
 cerium  Berzelius
 cervical cancer  zur Hausen
 Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease  Charcot
 Charles' Law  Charles
 Le Chatelier's principle  Le Chatelier
 chemical affinity  Nernst
 chemical bond  Lipscomb
 chemical equilibrium  van 't Hoff, Ostwald
 chemical kinetics  van 't Hoff
 chemical reaction  Eigen, Hinshelwood, Lee, Norrish, Polanyi, Porter, Semyonov, Herschbach

 chemical structure

 Karrer, Kekule

 chemical synthesis  Grignard, Sabatier

 chemical warfare


 chemiosmosis  Mitchell



 chemotherapeutic drugs

 Elion, Hitchings


 Ehrlich, Elion, Hitchings, von Hohenheim

 Cherenkov radiation  Cherenkov, Frank, Tamm



 chlorophyll  Willsttter
 cholecalciferol  Windaus



 cholesterol  Brown, Goldstein


 Avery, Morgan, Stevens

 cimetidine  Black

 citric acid cycle

 Krebs, Szent-Gyrgyi

 climate change

 Arrhenius, Croll, Milankovitch

 climate classification


 cloud chamber  Blackett, Wilson

 cloud types


 CNDO/2  Pople
 cochlea  von Bksy
 coenzyme A  Lipmann
 coenzymes  Todd
 cochlear implant  Clark
 colloids  Svedberg, Zsigmondy
 colour photography  Lippmann
 colour television  Baird
 combinatorics  Green, Tao
 combustion analysis  Pregl



 comparative anatomy  Cuvier



 complement  Bordet
 complementation  Lewis, Nsslein-Volhard, Wieschaus
 complexes  Werner
 complex systems  Prigogine
 Compton effect  Bothe
 computational chemistry  Pople

 computational physics


 computed tomography  Cormack, Hounsfield


 Babbage, Turing

 computer program  Babbage, Byron
 condensed matter  Abrikosov, Brockhouse, Ginsburg, Leggett, Shull
 conductive polymers  Heeger, MacDiarmid, Shirakawa
 conformational analysis  Barton, Hassel

 conservation of energy

 von Helmholtz

 continental drift


 coprolites  Buckland
 Coriolis effect  de Coriolis

 cosmic background

 Davies, Mather, Penzias, Smoot, Wilson

 cosmic inflation theory


 cosmic rays  Blackett, Hess



 Coulomb's law  de Coulomb
 covalent bond  Lewis
 Cowan-Reines neutrino experiment  Cowan, Reines
 CP violation  Cronin, Fitch, Kobayashi, Maskawa
 Crookes tube  Crookes

 crop reaper


 crossed molecular beam  Herschbach, Lee, Polanyi
 cryogenics  Kapitsa
 crystal structure  Bragg
 cybernetics  Weiner
 cyclic AMP  Sutherland
 cyclic peptide  du Vigneaud
 cycloaddition  Alder, Diels