Important scientists and inventors - topics of interest beginning with A

These are lists of the topics covered in the lists of scientists and inventors, with some cross-referencing.

 4 elements


 5th dimension  Kaluza, Klein

 Absolute Zero

 Giauque, Kelvin

 acetylcholine  Dale, Loewi
 acid-base reactions  Brønsted
 acquired immune tolerance  Burnet, Medawar
 action potential  Gasser, Hodgkin, Huxley
 adhesion  de Gennes
 adrenal cortex hormones  Hench, Kendall, Reichstein
 AGA cooker  Dalen



 agmatine  Kossel
 agricultural botany  Burbank
 agricultural chemistry  Virtanen
 Aharonov-Bohm effect  Aharonov


 von Zeppelin


 Gauss,  al Khwarizmi

 alicyclic compounds  Wallach
 alkaloids  Robinson
 alkene synthesis  Brown, Wittig



 alpha helix


 alpha (canal) rays  Stark

 ammonia synthesis


 amorphous semiconductors  Anderson, Mott, van Vleck
 amorphous solids  Anderson, Mott, van Vleck
 amyotrophic lateral sclerosis  Charcot
 analytical psychology  Jung
 anaphylaxis  Richet



 Anderson localization  Anderson

 aniline dyes


 anisotropy  Mather, Smoot
 anthocyanins  Robinson
 antibiotic  Domagk
 antihistamines  Bovet
 antibody  Tonegawa
 antibody structure  Edelman, Porter
 antivenom  Sutherland



 anthropology  Boas



 antibiotic resistance  Delbruck, Hershey, Luria
 antiparticles  Chamberlain, Segré
 antiprotons  Chamberlain, Segré

 antiseptic surgery


 antiserum  Behring
 Antarctic exploration  David
 aqualung  Cousteau
 aquaporins  Agre, MacKinnon
 Archaea  Woese
 Archimedes screw  Archimedes

 architectural acoustics


 arithmetic progression  Green, Tao
 Arrhenius equation  Arrhenius

 assembly line



 Baade, Gehrels, Helin

 Aston dark space  Aston


 Galileo, Jansky

 asymmetric hydrogenation  Knowles, Noyori
 asymmetric synthesis  Sharpless
 asymptotic freedom  Gross, Politzer, Wilczek

 atom bomb


 atom bomb project  Bethe
 atomic clocks  Ramsey
 atomic nucleus  Bohr, Goeppert-Mayer, Hofstadter, Jensen, Mössbauer, Mottelson, RainwaterWigner

 atomic number


 atomic weight  Richards
 atomic structure  Bohr, Boltzmann, Democritus, Dalton
 ATP synthesis  Boyer, Mitchell, Walker
 Australian geology  David
 Australian plants  Banks


 Dart, Johanson

 automated car production


 automobile  Benz, Ford, Maybach
 Avogadro's Law  Avogadro