Important scientists and inventors


These are alphabetical lists of (probably) the most important scientists and inventors in history, including some present-day scientists. It includes all winners of Nobel Prizes in Physics, Chemistry, and Physiology or Medicine up to 2009.

These lists are entirely my idea and so may not include everyone who other people might believe are important scientists.

Sadly, even the excellent Wikipedia does not contain all of these person's years of birth/death (sometimes because the person is still alive today (July 2010). If you cannot locate a scientist who you think should be on these lists, please contact me.

All links go to the Wikipedia site ( For interested students, a full list of topics covered is included.


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At my own discretion, the following rules have been applied in these lists:

1. Surnames beginning 'de', 'le', etc. are taken as beginning with the first letter of the surname.

e.g., De Salle will be found under S, not D; le Meuse under M, not , van 't Hoff under H.

However, if the name is commonly written, for example, as LeClerc, the person will be located under L

2. Mc, Mac and Fitz are under M and F, respectively. O'Malley, is under O.

3. Persons can be located via the first letter of the commonly used last name, but not other names.

4. A person with multiple names is listed under the first letter of the commonly used shorter form.

5. A person with a hyphenated surname is listed under the first letter of the first part of that name;

similarly, a person with a double surname is listed under the first letter of the most commonly used surname.

6. Some persons have been listed under 'aka' names for convenience and are cross-referenced.


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